We are delighted to confirm the 2023 Grand Prix Ball will be in support of UNICEF.

about unicef

As the world’s leading organisation for children, and with over 90% awareness globally, the world’s most recognised non-profit.

For over 75 years, UNICEF has been there for children whose lives have been threatened by war or natural disaster. UNICEF provide vaccines, water, life-saving therapeutic food, and psycho-social support. UNICEF helps strengthen health and education systems around the world giving children the foundation for a brighter future.  

Today the world is engulfed in a crisis like no other. The economic crisis, conflict, food scarcity and climate change threaten those most vulnerable. UNICEF’s work for children has never been more urgent or more necessary.

Funds raised at the GP Ball will ensure that UNICEF can continue their humanitarian response and give children vital access to health and education services during emergencies.   

Some of the key areas where UNICEF is focusing its efforts in 2023 include

Health and Nutrition

UNICEF is working to ensure that every child has access to essential health services, including vaccinations, maternal and child healthcare, and treatment for malnutrition.


UNICEF is working to ensure that every child has access to quality education, even in the most challenging circumstances. This includes supporting remote learning during the pandemic and providing access to safe and inclusive schools.

Child Protection

UNICEF is working to protect children from violence, abuse, and exploitation, including through efforts to prevent child marriage and child labour.

Humanitarian Action

UNICEF is responding to humanitarian crises around the world, providing emergency aid and support to children affected by conflict, natural disasters, and other emergencies.

What your donation could do

A donation of £500 could help deliver 10 babies by providing crucial midwifery equipment
A donation of £1000 could deliver 4 hand water pumps each
A donation of £5000 could deliver lifesaving diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough vaccines for 25000 children

A donation of £10,000 could deliver 10 tents in disaster situations, which can be used as a temporary school or health centre
A donation of £20,000 could provide lifesaving therapeutic food which could save 500 children from deadly severe acute malnutrition
A donation of £50,000 could provide essential education supplies for 2500 children including exercise books, pencils and school bags